Boxing Basics Training


These training sessions will give you all the boxing training, muscle memory, and punch conditioning without the bruises! These classes include; working on the heavy bag, punching the focus pads, hitting the speed bag, shadow boxing, jumping rope, and core training, 

Boxing Skills Training


Here is where we separate our play clothes from our school clothes. . . In these sessions, you are required to already have a grasp on basic boxing as we will be learning how to apply techniques both offensive and defensive while working light contact drills.  All must have proper safety equipment. 

 Don't let this intimidate or scare you off, these are controlled drill oriented sessions intended to teach fundamental boxing IQ.

A.C.E.S. FIT Training


Accelerated Cardio Endurance and Strength Training is a play on our name ACES, but these training sessions are no joke!  

Strength training is necessary for all athletes, especially boxers! In these sessions you will be performing a variety of strength training exercises both basic and advanced.  Our trainers will continue to challenge you to by adjusting the time, tempo, or capacity of your training routines to optimize your results!

Youth Boxing Program


Our goal with our youth boxers is to teach, train, motivate, and inspire personal greatness through the lessons learned in the sport of boxing.  

We offer separate training for:

Pee Wee Boxers 6-11yrs old &

Youth Boxers 12-17yrs old.

Youth Boys and Girls train separate as well.  

Please see our schedule for appropriate times/days

Sparring & Competition


Boxing is a real world application sport.  In theses scheduled sparring sessions you will apply the fundamental tactics of offense, defense, counterpunching, and ring generalship.  The experience levels in these sessions vary from the seasoned professional to the extreme beginner.  These sessions are always supervised by a qualified coach and you will not be tasked with more than you can handle.

1 on 1 Instruction & Fitness Training


Although we offer a variety of convenient times and days for our classes, we still understand the need for private instruction and there is definitely no shortage of qualified, available, and eager trainers here at Aces, who are more than willing to show you the ropes.

Please contact us for scheduling.